Impact of Vibrations Generated By The Right Naming of a Bee – Assa – on the Power of its Family and Product Characteristics

Октябрь 19, 2013

bee assaIt is well known that everything is vibrating and radiating in our universe. It concerns material and non-material world (visible and invisible), plants and animals inhabiting our planet – MATA IATARA. The object of this research are so called “bees”, one of the most ancient species on the earth. Nobody would explain now where has this name come from, what does it mean, what kind of connections does it have with this unique, fine being – IAASSATARAAZHIAUKHALAMA, ASSA for short. And the main thing is what kind of vibrations does the word “bee” invoke by ASSA itself.

As a result, the main product of Assas — “honey”- AVAYSTAZHARAUKHAMA (Ava for short) has a different molecular structure – cubic, the lower frequency level and the lower activity level. The word “honey” enables to compression of this healthful sweet product which lowers its healing characteristics. The main distinctive features of AVA are its higher activity that is determined by basically different molecular lattice of spherical form (with more than fifty planes), and higher frequency characteristics. In other words, like cows chew about 15-20 kinds of grasses producing milk with different characteristics, so Assas convert power flows and transform them to nectar and Ava with other features.

A variety of experiments in different regions of the Altai Territory was conducted – more than ten bee yards (about one thousand bee families) were exposed to acoustic-optic-electronic emanation. Extraordinary results were carried out. By changing of the initial name “bee” to the right name “Iaassataraazhiaukhalama” the immediate change of their vibrations was conducted. This fact indicates the high sensitivity of Assas to sound series. In a number of cases (one bee yard of Zalesovskiy Region of the Altai Territory and those of Caucasus) an exploration of Assas‛ activity was apparent. In fact, one development and living activity program of Assas – compression — was changed to a new one – extension. For more information: compression means aging and dying, extension means development and youth.

The new wave level of vibrations is very simple to determine. Two glasses with fluid were put on treated and non-treated hives. In some minutes the fluid became different taste. It indicated the change of their structure as a result of different vibrations of Assas. By applying the right name of Assas the following objectives are reached:

First of all their initial power structure is restored. That inspires adoption and conversion of main power flows, that is of our universe, and those of Mata Iatara. As a result, a new product with more qualitative and healthier characteristics – Ava – is carried out. Research conducted in the City of Novosibirsk and in the Altai Territory confirm that. Results of Ava investigation in gas-discharge visualization chamber testify its high activity and salubrity. And its light field emission exceeds those of the usual honey five- or sixfold (see snapshots).

Cerebral hemispheres are also highly affected by Ava. It causes their activity equation, that means that a mechanism of self-regulation automatically switches on. Honey does not possess the similar qualities because of its lower activity level and different molecular structure. Moreover, applying Ava causes blood pressure normalization and vascular system activity enhancement.

After application of Ava processes of extension in the human body are accelerated, immunity strengthens, and the process of rejuvenation of visceras starts up. That is because the name Ava contains the formula of our body’s cell. Moreover, it includes elementary particles called YNTAZAMS, which reactivate our external power field.

As a result, the power field of a bee family grows up by getting higher frequency, that contributes to elimination of foreign beings, e.g. acarines. By applying wave series simultaneously with their contra – frequency, an external protection field of the family is generated. Fourth, the new generation will be born with initially normal wave characteristics. And applying Ava as food for Assas during winter period will contribute to outlast this hard period. Fifth, all the products produced by Assas, will possess different, higher quality levels. And the last one: Assas are the only beings on Mata Iatara, who form the extension field.

That is a not complete list of consequences which may cause the right application of the name of one of the most ancient species on our planet Mata Iatara – IAASSATARAAZHIAUKHALAMA.

AVA – Product of New Generation

AVA is a product of the traditional beekeeping (honey) produced by bees with modified characteristics (IAASSATARAAZHIAUKHALAMA). Ava is a very special honey.

When treated by acoustic-optic-electronic waves exposure bees become to be able to capture fine vibrations our planet is full of, and transform them to nectar. As a result AVAYSTAZHARAUKHAMA, Ava for short, is produced. By their actual name – bees – they cannot catch fine vibrations, and produce honey without qualities of Ava.

The main characteristic of Ava is its enormously high activity. It is filled with thousand of particles contributing to leveling of our power field and structure of any material. Smell, taste properties are changing, detergents reduce their harmful influence on the skin. Moreover anti-aging processes are increasing, and processes of cells renewal is starting up. Ava has a spherical form structure with more than 50 facets which determines its high activity. Carrier frequency of Ava exceeds those of honey to 5 levels. Small doses of AVA added to any food product will change its structure, tasty and healthy characteristics for the better.

Ava may be applied not only in traditional tea-party but also in various branches producing consumer goods, pharmaceutics.

A brewery in Urals passed a decision on adding Ava by beer production. The common principle is: by adding Ava the transformation of the structure for the better is taking place, taste, smells are changing, negative influence of products on human body is reduced.

Comparative table of Ava and honey characteristics

bee assa

The rating system is given on a 5-point scale.

bee assa


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